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Created in 1993, J.E.T. plays all the instruments on his albums: vocals, guitars, keyboards, and all percussion. He also composes the music, lyrics, produces, engineers, and creates most of the visual and graphic concepts. The music varies in style. It is a combination of rock, and alternative music mixed with a unique vocal style offering a new and powerful sound to the industry.


J.E.T. will soon be back in the studio creating new material. Upcoming events will be posted as they are scheduled.


Mother Nature


Mother Nature is the latest work in progress. It will be a combination of new styles mixed with the original J.E.T. sound. Upon completion or under construction, new material will be posted.

Music Box

Mother Nature

I Want You To


The Want I Own

The Want I Own

The Want I Own is an E.P. that was created between 1996 and 1999. This album expresses continued changes of musical styles. The Want I Own-the E.P.- is yet another album to receive record label interest.

The Want I Own

Life's Too Short





Enhanced is an E.P. consisting of four songs. This material was recorded on the analog eight track and re-recorded at J.E.T.'s home studio in Boston, MA. Enhanced is another example of the continuous, powerful growth and metamorphosis of J.E.T. This E.P. also received record label interest.


Cry Over

Having Fun


Frozen Still

Frozen Still

Frozen Still was written sporadically within the two and a half years between albums. It was created on the same analog eight track recorder, and then re-recorded at Cybersound Studios in Boston. This album is better engineered than What Have You Learned, which makes it a more competitive sounding album. After sending out only 15 of these albums, Frozen Still received interest from Almo Sounds in New York City.


Better Place


What Have You Learned

What Have You Learned?

What Have You Learned was created in three months in the summer of 1993. All the songs are in sequence of conception. They were first recorded on an analog eight track, and then the songs were professionally produced in Minneapolis in 14 days. The album's simple and pleasant sound always attracts listeners.

I'm Without Love

The Wronged


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